Students and Young Professionals

SYP Social event at conference

We are pleased to invite students and young professionals attending the conference to a social event on Wednesday 25th May from 7 pm to 9 pm at Brutopia, a popular bar in downtown Montreal. The bar is 15 minutes’ walk from the conference venue, and offers micro-brewed beers and a small selection of food.

 To get us thinking about water and to have a chance to get to know new people, we’ll start with a game. Each player will represent a stakeholder involved in negotiating a water management plan with others in their group. You can only win if all of the stakeholders agree with the plan! Instructions for the game will be emailed to registered attendees in advance, and we’ll be there to guide you through the process. Afterwards, the bar will stay open for socialising and networking.

Where: Brutopia, 1219 rue Crescent, Montreal

When: 7 – 9 pm, Wednesday 25th May

How: Registration required

Preparing to Attend the Conference

We know that the costs of attending a conference can add up, making it difficult for students and young professionals to participate. Therefore we’ve put together the following information that we hope will help to keep costs under control and allow more SYPs to attend the conference.

Notice Board

To organize cost sharing with other conference attendees, see the SYP notice board. You can use the notice board to find other SYPs attending the conference who might be interested in cutting costs by sharing rooms, carpooling, and other ways we can pool our resources to keep costs down.

Cheap accommodation near the conference venue

There are cheaper alternatives to staying at the main conference venue.  Here are three suggestions of hostels that are close to the venue.  Each has a different feel to it and we hope there will be one to suit everyone!

HI-Montreal is a great budget option located very centrally in downtown Montreal next to the main shopping street and many cafes and bars.  The hostel is around fifteen minutes’ walk from the conference hotel; prices start from $20 plus tax for a bed in one of the larger rooms and includes a free continental breakfast.  Further discounts are available for Hostelling International Members.

Another fantastic option is the Auberge Bishop, a hostel located in a beautiful old mansion in the downtown area of Montreal.  At Auberge Bishop the rooms have an element of style and the large windows, wooden floors and subtle wall colors create a light and airy atmosphere.  The hostel is around twenty minutes’ walk from the conference hotel; prices start at 23 dollars plus tax and include breakfast.

At the Auberge Alternative you can stay in the heart of Old Montreal in a restored 1875 warehouse, which describes itself as a ‘budget boutique hostel’.  The vibe is bohemian, as the Alternative typically houses travellers and artists.  The hostel is approximately fifteen minutes’ walk from the conference hotel, and prices start at around $27 including tax, with breakfast available for $5.


Public transport in Montreal is run by the Société de transport de Montréal.

  • Coming in by air: You can get a day pass for the buses and metro on the airport bus (number 747) for $10.  It’s coins only so make sure you have some change! You can also buy the day pass or other multiple use passes from the STM machines in the airport.
  • Travelling around town: A single trip costs $3.25 and can be bought either with coins on the bus or with cash at any metro station.  Your ticket will be valid for 120 minutes after you’ve activated it (by scanning it as you pass through to the metro or get on the bus) and you can use the same ticket to transfer between buses or between the bus and the metro. If you think you’ll make more than one journey, you can buy multiple use passes at any metro station. 

Disclaimer: All prices provided above are intended as a guideline only and while correct at the time of writing may have changed.  Prices should be checked on the relevant webpage.