Presenting authors

General instructions for all presenters

All presenting authors need to be registered to the conference before April 25, 2016 in order to confirm their presence. After this data, presenting authors that not registered may be withdrawn from the program. The deadline of April 25 also allows presenting authors to benefit from the early bird registration rate.

A book of accepted abstracts will be published on the web site. We are currently completing the final program but a preliminary schedule will be available on the web site in early April. An email confirming the date and time of you oral or poster presentation will be sent to each presenter.

Instructions for oral presentations

Unless you are a keynote or plenary speaker, you have been assigned a 20-minute slot in the program. All sessions will be run to a tight schedule. Plan to speak for no more than 15 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for questions and time for change-over to the next speaker. 

Each room will be equipped with a computer, a projector, a microphone (wireless and/or attached to the podium) and a remote with a pointer. Computers in each room are Windows-based PCs. Please bring your presentation 15 minutes before your session on an USB stick to transfer it to the conference room computer. Someone will be in the session room before it begins to assist you with the file transfer. Presenters should not rely upon an internet connection to access their presentation. Acceptable presentation formats are .pptx and .pdf.

Oral presentations can be delivered in English or French. Simultaneous translation will be available for a limited number of sessions. Only one room will be equipped with this service and it is therefore possible that your presentation be part of a bilingual session without translation. Sessions with simultaneous translation will be identified in the final conference program.

For students, the Bill Stolte Award and the “Our water, our life” Award will be given to the best article and oral presentation. The Tóth Award will be given to the best article and oral presentation on the theme of groundwater. The following page provides more information on student awards.

When preparing your slides, please consider the following tips:

  • Use a maximum of one slide per minute.
  • Use images rather than text wherever possible (you want the audience to listen rather than read).
  • Text should be kept to a minimum – No more than 6 lines of text with 6 words per line for example.
  • Use bullet points to display key messages rather than writing your point out as full sentences.
  • Use a font of at least 24 pt.
  • Use a font that is easy to read from distance.
  • Figure legends and axis labels should be enlarged to at least 18pt (figures pasted directly from documents are usually illegible).
  • Limit use of animations and special effects.

Remember that most of the audience will retain no more than three points from your talk so focus on the key messages rather than on details.

Instructions for poster presentations

Two poster sessions will take place during the conference: Wednesday, May 25 from 16:30 to 18:00 and Thursday, May 26 from 16:30 to 18:00. Each presenter will be assigned one of the two poster session and authors are asked to be at their poster to discuss their work with conference attendees.

Each presenter should display their poster by 9:30 on the day of their assigned session. All posters need to be removed at the end of the session.

Posters will be mounted on bulletin boards and equipment for mounting will be supplied. The space available for each poster is 4′ x 6′. Please use a font size of at least 22 pt. Please note that we will not be offering poster printing services, so plan accordingly.

For students, the Hoskin Award will be given to the poster. The following page provides more information on student awards.